Concept Fasteners Pty Ltd

About Concept Fasteners

Concept Fasteners are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality fasteners    and Hardware suited to the Sheetmetal enclousre industry, Automotive EOM and Aftermarket manufacturers and electronics equipment industry. Our products can be widely seen in the    manufacture of most computers, business machines, communications equipment, industrial controls,     vending machines, automotive vehicles and other precision fabricated metal products.

Concept Fasteners are focussed on providing all its customers with a high quality products, service and response time, as required in today's business environment. Concept Fasteners prides itself on giving each customer special attention and care.

Concept Fasteners is certified to ISO 9001 2015 and supply a wide range of products under a strict quality control program ensuring compliance to product specifications and performance criteria. In addition, we are available to evaluate new applications and based on your requirements, will tailor design products at the most competitive price.

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